All that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you lie still, sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you for a long time.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Your Retreat Experience

A short boat ride from the village of Santiago on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala lies the beautiful eco-haven of the Mystical Yoga Farm. For seven days and six nights we will be serenely off-grid, eating zero-mile food, creating a sacred container for joyful exploration and potent inner work.

Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness, and family constellation work, we will look at ourselves and our patterns through a new lens of compassion and deepen our understanding for our unique family heritage and path forward into this new and yet unwritten decade.

Through daily workshops and practices we will explore the themes of family and ancestral heritage – how they shape our stories of self and our experiences of the world. Through awareness, we can choose new stories to move forward with clarity and peace in 2020 and beyond. 

Surrounded by the beauty and power of Lake Atitlan and its volcanic mountains, take the opportunity for renewal and regeneration. You will have free time to relax, enjoy the lake – with access to kayaks and paddle boards, book a massage, or explore a local village. We will also have the opportunity to experience offerings from the farm and local community including a traditional mayan sweat lodge, fire circle, tea and poetry circle, ecstatic cacao dance, medicine song circle, and a volcano summit hike. 

Three generous vegan meals a day will be served with love by the farm, along with herbal tea, hot water and cold drinking water. Group transport from and to Santiago at the beginning and end of the retreat will be provided. 

Retreat Highlights

  • An absolutely stunning location with views of volcanoes and nestled right on the shores of an ancient and mythical lake
  • Daily morning and evening meditation & yoga practice
  • Daily guided group Constellation Journeys and exercises (more on Systemic Constellation work)
  • Daily exploratory writing sessions
  • 3+ sacred healing ceremonies (Mayan Fire Ceremony, Sound Healing, Cacao, Partner Yoga, and Dance exploration)
  • Beautiful work and relaxation spaces, including the Yoga Shala, Om Dome – sound healing space, Fire Circle, Docks, and a solo meditation platform overlooking the lake
  • 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals/day
  • Permaculture farm, opportunities to connect with our hosts and learn through participating in their daily duties and activities
  • Mayan Sweat Lodge
  • Breaks for swimming, hiking, paddle boarding or kayaking, massage therapy, and visiting local villages
  • 6 nights stay in shared, beautiful eco-friendly cabanas (private space available upon request)
  • Intimate Gathering of like minded humans, creating lasting community and connections
Constellations and Your Retreat Experience

On the journey into self, the path of shadow and light, it all belongs. In this retreat, you will have the opportunity to meet yourself where you are at in your journey. Wherever that is, whoever you are, we welcome you!

Together we will gather to practice constellation ways and principles in a safe and sacred container of belonging. We will use the constellation approach to examine the stories we tell about our relationships with ourselves, our communities, and the world.

In this retreat you will have the support of:

Power of Community: To call strength, and witness from your peers and to be held in a non-judgmental and safe container of mutual exploration.
Power of Sovereignty: To deeply listen to the beat of your own drum and what your body is wanting to tell you, or needs in any given moment.
Power of Presence: Take time to listen to the present moment and be with it in all of its fullness.
Acknowledgment: Acknowledging what is, wholly and without judgement.
Accepting: Accepting all that has happened, even and especially the difficult and painful bits.
Agreeing: Agreeing that it all belongs, even if we don’t like it. Coming to peace with reality as it is so that we can find peace within and create the foundation for empowered resilience and heartfelt action in our own lives.

And the Orders of Love:

The Order of Precedence: Time to take our place and to understand the order of all things in this great cosmic lineage of which we all are a part.
The Order of Inclusion: Space to explore our relationship with belonging.
The Order of Balance: Sensing into what true balance feels like and how to connect with it in your life and all your relations.


The Gift of Yoga

Yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to bind or to yoke. Modern interpretations of this translation have been taken to mean “unity.”

Patañjali, a Hindu sage, organized the knowledge of yoga from older traditions into a collection of 196 Indian sutras called The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. Here he details the Eight Limbs of Yoga which serve as a philosophical guide for yoga as it is now practiced in its contemporary form.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga:

Yamas (Restraints): The five moral imperatives of yoga; Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (chastity or restraint), Aparigraha (non-avarice, non-possessiveness).

Niyamas (Observances): The five observances; Shaucha (clearness of mind speech and body), Santosha (contentment, optimism for self and others, Tapas (persistence, self-discipline), Svadhyaya (self reflection on thought, word and action), Ishvarapranidhana (contemplation of Ishvara ~ the supreme being or unchanging reality).

Asanas (Postures):  The postures and physical practice of yoga, most commonly identified in the West ~ “asanas are perfected over time by relaxation of effort with meditation on the infinite” (47.II).

Pranayama (Breathing): Control of the breath, from the Sanskrit prana (breath) and ayama (restraint).

Pratyahara (Withdrawal or drawing within of senses): The process of retracting sensory experience from external objects and stimuli.

Dharana (Concentration): Holding of one’s mind onto a particular inner state or subject, often supported through mantras and visualization.

Dhyani (Meditation): This word literally means contemplation, reflection, and profound meditation.

Samadhi (Absorption): The experienced oneness of yoga practitioner with the focus of their meditation.

In our retreat we will touch on all aspects of the Eight Limbs, while focusing primarily on our physical asana practice and dhyani (meditation practice). We invite you to immerse yourself in your daily practice and receive the support to deepen your awareness, no matter whether you identify as a beginner or advanced yogi/yogini. With every inhale beginning, with every exhale ending ~ embodying the cycles and finding balance in our presence on the mat. 


A potent landscape for personal homecoming…

Snuggled into the Guatemalan Highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range lies Lake Atitlán (in Spanish that’s Lago de Atitlán), our home for our time in retreat together. In the Nahuatl language the word, Atitlán translates to “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.” 

The lake is considered by the Maya to be a sacred portal to the underworld, and a place of great beauty and power. There are twelve villages that coastally occupy the lakes perimeter each with their own distinct indiegenous weaving and way of dressing, they are home to two distinct Maya nations, the Kaqchikel, and Tz’utujil.

On the southern side of Lake Atitlán is the village of Santiago, it is from here that a boat will ferry us to our nearby home on the lake, The Mystical Yoga Farm, a space built on the principles of fostering community and connection with one another and the land. 

If you decide to stop in nearby Antigua to check out the beautiful architecture before the retreat, your most direct route to the MYF is a bus to Parajachel.

We will stay communally on the farm with the good people who tend the land, and call the farm home. There are comfortable dorm style shared lodging for our group as well as private rooms that are available to book upon request. 

The Mystical Yoga Farm is an off grid retreat center, a spiritual community, and a permaculture farm founded on the yogic principle. Everyday on the farm is an opportunity to slow down and connect with nature, to be with oneself and to foster meaningful connections with community.

More information on the Mystical Yoga Farm

Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center 

From the Mystical Yoga Farm’s website: “Escape the distractions of daily life and surround yourself with the natural beauty of our mystical sanctuary on the shores of Guatemala’s magical Lake Atitlán. Conscientiously built to exist in sustainable harmony with this sacred land, the Mystical Yoga Farm is the perfect place to heal your spirit and reconnect with your true self.”

More On Your Stay

Daily Retreat Flow: Guests arrive on Friday, January 10th by 2pm to arrive and settle in. There will be a yoga practice before dinner and we’ll open our circle in the evening to begin our time together. Our daily flow will begin on Saturday, January 11th.

Tentative Schedule:

7:00am-8:30am    Meditation & Yoga Flow 

8:30am    Nourishing Breakfast

10:30am-1:00pm  Constellation Activities 

1:00pm-4:00pm    Scrumptious Lunch & Free Time

4:00pm-6:30pm    Embodied constellating through Yoga and group activities/circle 

6.30pm – 7.30pm  Heart Warming Dinner

7.45pm Fire Ceremony, Circle, Sauna, Dancing or Free Time (various evenings)

On two of the days we will have a longer break time with the option to visit a local village, go for a hike, or a paddle on the lake.

Meals are vegan and organically grown. Meals times will be shared with other guests and our hosts, the Mystical Yoga Farm is a working farm with people who live here year round and others who come to help and participate in the way of life. There will also be a small prenatal yoga retreat sharing the space and we will all come together for meal times (the retreat center holds 20-30 guests, including our group). 

In the evenings we will have local guest facilitators guide us through some traditional ceremonies that are indigenous to our host territory, we will have the opportunity to learn from the locals and to experience these ancient ways of honouring, cleansing, prayer and blessing.

During our breaks you may wish to book in for massage therapy treatment, with our wonderful massage therapist.


Planning Your Trip

From the Airport in Guatemala City (GUA)
We recommend you book a direct shuttle in advance. Consider booking with Santiago Shuttle. They offer a reliable and safe shuttle service from GUA directly to Santiago, about a 3.5 hour journey. 

From the village of Santiago – You’re almost there!

From the Santiago you will take a boat to the retreat site, ask around for a private boat to Finca de Yoga – a 5-10 minute journey that should not cost more than Q50. You will know you are in the right place when you see the thatched roof of the gazebo style yoga shala, and a white sailboat at the end of the dock 

If your schedule allows it you may want to plan more time before or after the retreat to enjoy and connect with the beauty and culture of Guatemala. The Mayan ruins of Tikal, or the Unesco world heritage site of Antigua are visits of note, and there is much nature to explore including hot springs, hiking, and waterfalls!

If you are travelling from Antigua 

From the Airport or from Antigua before the retreat you may also bus to Panajachel and take an extra 45 minute boat ride to Santiago before taking a private boat to the farm.


Retreat package includes:

For 6 nights, 7 days including arrival & departure…

– Daily guided meditation & yoga including yin, hatha, and partner/ acro yoga sessions
– Personal and group systemic constellations
– Vision Quest Constellation journey
– On Purpose ~ Writing & journaling exercises
– Sharing circle and Letting Go/ Calling In fire ceremony
– Two sacred Mayan sweats
– 6 nights accommodation at The Mystical Yoga Farm
– 3x daily – Nourishing Vegan meals at breakfast, lunch, & dinner
– Healthy and rejuvenating snacks
– Afternoon tea and filtered water
– Tea Ceremony
– Ecstatic Dance and Movement
– Cacao Ceremony
– Kayaking and paddle boarding
– Scheduled boat ride to and from the farm at the beginning and end of the retreat

Retreat package excludes:

– Flights
– Travel insurance
– Extras during your breaks (e.g. massages, treatments, etc.)
– Shared transport to and from the retreat

Deposit to Reserve Your Place:


All Inclusive Retreat Package – Early Bird Until August 1st, 2020 –

$1333 USD

Shared Dorms

All Inclusive Retreat Package – Early Bird Until November 1st, 2020 –

$1444 USD

Shared Dorms

All Inclusive Retreat Package – Full Price –

$1555 USD

Shared Dorms

Private Room

+$200 USD

limited availability – early reservation required

Note: Bathroom & shower facilities are shared.


To make a booking or for any related questions, please email Luna and Lindsay at Upon receiving confirmation of availability, you will be emailed a student registration form and details on your intake call with Lindsay or Luna. Payment can be made in one of the following ways: 

For Canadian Residents/Payments:

  • E-transfer through your bank to
  • This is the most affordable and cost-effective way to pay.
  • If you’d prefer to use Paypal, there is a 2.9% + $0.30 CAD fee per transfer; if you decide to go this route, we can send you an invoice with this fee included.

For American and International Residents/Payments:

All payments must be paid in US Dollars. There are a few methods to complete this process.

  • TransferWise. We encourage you to try, a reliable international money transfer service which is committed to being low-cost, fast, fair… and easy! 
  • PayPal is also available for international payments. There is a 9% fee for international transfers (we think that’s too much!), but if you decide to go this route, we can send you an invoice with this fee included.

Payment Plans 

Plans are available and can be arranged with us directly. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss an agreement. All pay plan deposits are non-refundable. We are eager to support you in joining us!

Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference.

-Jean Houston